Miss Shelby in her "Kermit The Frog"
   tap solo suit
Photo by Tudor Rose Photography
Miss Morgann in her
"New York, New York"
dance recital tuxedo
Photo by Tudor Rose Photography
Dance Connection Group in
"These Boots Were Made For Walkin"      
                  Jazz Costumes
Miss Sheridan in her dance
  competition "Buttermilk   
Biscuits" overalls
Miss Morgann as "Raggedy Ann"
Pink Leopard Print Sleepwear
Custom Raiders   
Cheerleader Uniform
Cheerleader Uniforms
Neon Orange Sleepwear
with Hot Pink Marabou
Hello Kitty Sleepwear
with Marabou Trim
Miss Jacey in her Tarzan's Playhouse  
            Solo Costume
Miss Austyn in her
Sailor Suit
Dutch Girl Costume
Aqua Nightgown with Marabou
Miss Morgan in her Grundy
County Auction Dance Overalls
Giants Football Uniform
Giants Football Uniform View 2
Mets Baseball Uniform
Boxing Robe & Shorts
Pink Camo Army Fatigues
America's Next Top Model Casual Wear
Rainbow Brite Costume
80's Workout Wear
"Got Milk" Casual/Product Wear
Miss Jolie in her Turquoise & White   
      Zebra Jungle Wear   
Miss Myley in her Neon Pink & White  
        Vegas Showgirl OOC
Miss Sarit in her
Tropical Wear
    Miss Victoria in her
 Mardi Gras Jester OOC
           Miss Laci in her
      Patriotic Ruffles OOC
      Miss Sarit in her
       New York Yankees Wear
Miss Alivia in her Purple  
Miss Shanyai in her
Yasmine Bratz Wear
Miss Haileighin her 80's   
     Workout Wear